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Powerline adapters are MAGICAL!!

In this video I share explain what a Powerline Adapter is and demonstrate why they are way more awesome than wifi! Here are the results of my experiment: <<<This is a repost from my Lyneham Tech Tips website >>>

iWalk 2.0 Review

Right after the high of winning at the Space Hack, I had a tumble on my motorcycle and sprained my ankle. So this video I am reviewing the iWalk 2.0 against regular crutches. Price wise we are looking at regular crutches costing $40 at the Dickson pharmacy and only $10 at Green Shed in Mitchell. …

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Webex Support

Are specific features not showing up in your Webex call? This is the right blog post for you if you are using Webex Blue (Webex Meetings)!! If you are using Webex Rainbow (Webex Teams or just called Webex now) you should click on the button below to be redirected to my other blog post. In …

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