Welcome to My LITTLE Corner of the WORLD WIDE WEB

What I'm Upto

Northside Marketing

Many of you know I've been doing a bit of freelance marketing over the last few years. So after having built a tad bit of a portfolio, I've decided to launch my own website. My strength is business strategy and how you can get your marketing to be more than just a pretty picture.

Programming 2020

This year i'm hitting up the classroom again to be a programmer! Cue the Matrix soundtrack! A couple weeks in and I can already feel the addiction of the vocation. I had a little bit of inkling but never would have guessed that this was as fun as it is.

Meepleman Canberra

Meepleman is my boardgaming persona! The modern boardgaming hobby has exploded over the last decade. It has been fun not only as a player but as someone who has often been on the other side of the counter selling games and then later as a content creator.