Having the right Webex Installed

So there are actually a couple of different versions of Webex. You can tell which one you are using based on the logo you see in the top left hand corner when the window is open, or on your Windows Taskbar. I will call one Blue Webex (Webex Meetings) and the other Rainbow Webex (formerly called Webex Teams, but now just called Webex).

Unfortunately they do not like to behave with each other perfectly as of writing this post.
Even though you may be able to take calls in both of them,
the chat function will not work in the Rainbow Webex even though everyone in Blue Webex can use the chat function.

In the button above make sure you download the right program for your needs. In the case of the class I am right now undertaking, we should all be downloading Blue Webex. If you have Rainbow Webex I recommend you uninstall it and then install Blue.

As you can see on the bottom of the download page is the link for the Blue Webex

Below is the first page of the installation screen for Blue Webex (this is what you want, if you are in my class)

Below is the first page of the installation of Rainbow Webex (you don’t want this!!!)

To uninstall programs in Windows, refer to the following images.

Hope this helps 🙂 🙂 And feel free to contact me if you need me to help you through this!