Game Suggester | CSV Data | Java

Language: Java
IDE: Netbeans

The purpose of this project was to become familiar with working with data from CSV files. I used exported data from BGG that provided extensive information on board games from a user’s collection. The goal was to clean the CSV to only have relevant data for the project and provide some interesting feedback for decision making.

In the first stage a general purpose tool was created to load CSV files and only save the needed columns. This was followed creating a one-click specialised program, that used the general purpose tool but also created a new column of data derived from information in other columns. The final stage was to gather data from multiple CSV files and create summary data that would be useful to users based on variables they could set.

– Creating Simple GUI programs
– Reading and Writing data in CSV Files
– Using a Comparator for sorting
– Creation of a general purpose tool and then building a specialised tool from it.
– Displaying information for easier decision making

Basics Practiced:
– Loops
– Multidimensional Arrays
– Functions
– Try/Catch Blocks
– Reading File Inputs and Save File Outputs
– Multiple Classes in program
– Using open source libraries and classes

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