Puzzle Cheat Sheet | Image Manipulation | Python

Language: Python
Editor: Atom
Repository: https://github.com/zuggyg/PuzzleCheatSheet

The purpose of this project was to learn image manipulation.
In this project I try to create a puzzle cheat sheet.

The first stage of the project involved deskewing the image on the front of puzzle box when the source is a photo image. This was followed by generating a new puzzle grid image based on data from a text file and using other smaller images as building blocks. Consideration was given to make it as easy as possible for users to do data entry, and let the programming do the heavy lifting. Finally, I merged the two images overlapping the grid to the puzzle image, allowing for variables to be modified such as zoom, horizontal and vertical shifting.

– Designing for data entry in mind
– Taking User inputs as Mouse Clicks on image
– Image Manipulation including deskewing and resizing
– Creating basic geometry shapes
– Creating a new image from smaller images as building blocks
– Merging and Overlapping images

Basics Practiced:
– Loops
– Arrays
– Functions
– Reading File Inputs and Save File Outputs
– Using open source libraries

Library Sources

OpenCV: https://pypi.org/project/opencv-python/
Used for computer vision and image manipulation

Numpy: https://numpy.org/install/
Used for comprehensive mathematical functions