What is ANU doing about COVID-19?

So as always I had a fun and informative time going to First Wednesday Connect (FWC) a networking event run at CBRIN. One of the interesting conversations I had involved staff of the ANU. And the newsworthy topics of the day involved around the reaction ANU is having to COVID-19. Here is a couple of the interesting things I heard:

  • All new students will get to do courses in this semester for FREE!! They are doing this to incentivise people to lock in ANU for the rest of the degree as opposed to looking elsewhere
  • There will effectively be no census date this semester, so continuing students can drop courses anytime they want without any financial or academic penalties, even say after they do their final assessments. That way if you might have failed due to COVID-19 and surrounded disruption, it wont have a permanent impact on your uni transcript
  • All lecturers and course conveyors are told to put as much of their course content online, with no expense spared. That way students who are unable to attend classes this semester can have the best chance of learning the required content.

What I am saying is pretty much hearsay, but thought I might share the what I heard as its probably something that might interest a bunch of my facebook homies who are ANU or Uni alumni in general.