Wordpress Developer

Selection Criteria

Setup WordPress sites on cPanel

In 2015, I first started make websites for my entrepreneurial ventures it was using local host Zuver/VentraIP. As such I have become familiar with cPanel, including its abilities to setup emails accounts, install free SSL certificates via AutoSSL, install CMS such as WordPress, access the databases, and drop in files via File Manager.

Develop WordPress child themes based on supplied website design

Creating this job application I created a custom page template. Over the last few years I became reliant on a page builders that are theme agnostic. For this application I studied up on Child Themes and am looking forward to putting them in action.

Develop Gutenberg Blocks with Advanced Custom Fields

I used Advanced Custom Fields Pro today to add text fields to a custom page template for these three pages. This template was created using PHP and then having a working knowledge of HTML and Javascript I was able to configure the Sidebar menu, which was created from scratch to react to the inputs gathered from the ACF’s used in the page creation. Having done this I am confident I can develop Gutenberg blocks with ACF (such as a replacement for these info boxes).

Interact with APIs to custom develop solutions

At my last organisation, Ohmni Telepresence Robots are the product we deployed in Australia. My boss told me a client required the robots to read QR codes, which is not a built in functionality. I used Ohmni’s webapi to add this functionality to a robot call. You can find my portfolio piece here.

Configure user friendly WordPress backend

There is no point creating a technology a consumer cannot use. Along with providing personal guidance, at my last role I also created user guides and videos to help people who are not technology literate adopt our products into their everyday lives. I see configuring and developing a custom WordPress site for a client as no different. Changing preferences, creating custom user roles and documentation should be part of the service.

Add functionality to existing WordPress sites

Being able to offer tailored precision by using a variety of functionality that WordPress and its community of plugins offers, was what enabled me to convert a Squarespace using client into WordPress. This included creating a custom sticky header, an asymmetrical two column page with a sticky column acting as a sidebar for dynamically resizing images that acted as buttons to a booking website, and also a bottom navigation bar that scrolled to anchor points on this one page website. Dealing with this combination of requests was a great challenge but something I was able to master. Link to Client Website here.

Troubleshoot website issues

Where others will find troubleshooting frustrating, I find the journey of troubleshooting a discovery of knowledge ending with a destination of satisfaction. Even as a commerce and law student I ended up with the gig of being IT Assistant for a 500 student residence and as I dive into coding I took my last role that included troubleshooting and repairing robots. Understanding the internal hierarchy of WordPress in how it creates HTML sites with the use of layers of different PHP and CSS files, along with knowledge of the physical infrastructure and many organisations that make servicing every website possible, will assist in troubleshooting of all kinds of website issues.

Stakeholder management 

My extended experience in customer service roles supported the transition to roles with stakeholder management. This has included servicing individual clients to servicing governmental departments. Working in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, local business and startups has also given me the experience in managing stakeholder expectations and delivering results when there is a pull from the conflicting needs of different stakeholders.

Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud applications

I have been using photo editors, vector graphics editors, and video editors continuously for over 10 years to create the marketing content for my projects and for roles as a social media manager.