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Cover Letter

Top 3 Reasons!

My first job was as an older brother. When you boil down the essence of my favourite jobs it has always been in that role of a supporter and path creator.

At this point in my career I am transitioning from a background in small business operations to a coder. But what still stays true is the fuel that is my motivation, that being simply that the fruits of my labour bring a joyful smile to someone I supported. As such while I am seeking a role as a specialist coder who are often attracted towards giant corporations that have teams of coders, I am instead seeking a role in a smaller local organisation such as Futuretheory, where I can see the smile of the clients.

You will find in my resume that my professional roles as supporter have included Front of House Hospitality, Boutique Retail, Education Facilitation, NDIS Support Worker, and Tech Support.

As a long time student of commerce I have been heavily influenced by TV shows that share case studies about real world business. This is where my unrequited dream to work for a marketing firm comes from.

As a 14 year old in class we watched a documentary case study of Theo Paphitis, a serial entrepreneur, transforming a struggling Football club into a FA Cup Finalist. This eventually led to me watching Dragons’ Den (Theo was one of the early Dragons) and the ABC show The New Inventors (as at the time my career aspirations included engineering). I started understanding why you need more than just investment, a revolutionary idea or a great invention to have a successful business. You also need to connect with customers and that is where marketing steps in. Then along came Gruen Transfer and having watched every episode (including this week’s) this cemented a dream of wanting to work in a marketing agency.

Although I haven’t worked there, I have also got to witness some insider views into two local marketing firms. Mude were fellow InnovationACT participants I have enjoyed following and chatting with the founders over the years. The Mark Agency was a tenant of a co-working space I was managing and so I was able to be a day to day observer of their operations. When I first came across Futuretheory as an InnovationACT sponsor, I started following the FutureTribe podcasts and this has led to me finding about this role. So to be a coder at a local marketing firm is definitely a dream job!

If I had a genie wish to gain a superpower it would be to have MORE ARMS! Yess, it would be cool to be able to fly, which apart from feeling amazing to have the wind in your hair, also has the benefit of skipping commuter traffic (would have been super useful when I travelled 4 hours a day to get to school and back in Sydney). But I live in Canberra now and I don’t need a 10 minute commute to be any shorter. I now seek the quality of life enhancement to my everyday life that the productivity boost of having 4 arms would mean.

Unfortunately I may not be able to wish for 4 arms, but what is within my grasp to gain everyday quality of life improvement and have productivity boosted is to be a master of technology. I have always been a early adopter of consumer technology and when consumer technology got to the point of offering customisability I ended up becoming a plugin junkie.

I have a programmable Lametric clock, I have a Streamdeck that I pair with Autohotkey scripts, my web browsers are full of wonderful capabilities, my favourite creative tool is Paint.net due to its community of plugin devs. My love of plugins naturally led to WordPress being my preferred way to make websites and I have done that for years.

I seek a career in coding to be an enabler for others in taking full advantage of the technology that is within our reach. AND that is why I would love to work at Futuretheory as a WordPress Developer.