Saltier Salt to make junk food healthier!

SOOO I was chatting with a friend about this amazing new salt innovation that McDonald’s made. And then we tried googling it up and found no results to verify. And so because I can’t find the source of what I heard I thought I would throw all these unverified stories under the banner of “That Random Thing Awais Heard About”. So definitely take these stories with a grain of salt (pun intended).

So my talking points for this story are:

  • McDonald’s has invented a way to make pyramid shaped salt crystals
  • This makes the salt saltier because it increases the surface area of each crystal relative to its mass
  • That means you can use less salt in a recipe and still have it taste as salty
  • Using less salt = saving more $$$
  • Using less salt = healthier junk food

Anyhoo’s thats the story. You heard it here first. And if some master googler can verify this story so it is not just labelled as fake news, that would be grand angus! And I apologise to anyone who is now craving for a Maccas run.