Running out of TP? Use Running Water!

With Aussie supermarkets hosting aisles of apocalyptic appearance, people are hoarding toilet paper like never before. Which in the short term inevitably results in others desperate for an alternative solution.

Well, I am here to tell you have no fear!! Countries around the world have been surviving without TP for generations. With this crisis looming maybe it is time to stop using the pulp of dead trees transported from who knows where and start using the molecule that made life possible on earth, the humble H2O.

There is a joke/saying that I have heard often enough to share:

If you ended up with poop on your arm, are you going to use TP to clean your arm? or running water?
So, why treat your bottoms any different.

I thought I would take some photos demonstrating it and ta-da you have the featured image of this blog post.

The images below shows the different running water tech being used these days, if you click on the link in the caption it will take you to the corresponding wikipedia articles. I personally grew up using the lota, switched to toilet paper for some time in uni, and then came back around to using the superior lota again. Though I recommend you have a spare bottom towel handy after using these running water solutions.