My 3 Favourite Fruit are FUN!

In Canberra I may be wearing thermals a week or two before Anzac day, but to me the start of winter is when I can get my hands onto some mandos. And after a bit of thought onto if it is my favourite fruit, I have concluded, hell yea.
But what surprised me even more is as I rounded up my top 3 is they all have something in common.
They are fun to open/prepare.

3. Banana

The fruit that I have nearly everyday is the humble banana. 3 weetbix and a banana is my go to breakfast. And yeah the peeling of a banana is the equivalent of the intro of an anime. It just gets you hyped to eat it. IT IS FUN!

2. Mango

Yeah its pretty fun to do the slice and pop up mango, but i’m going to be controversial and say I never prepare my mangoes this way. When I was young, I was taught to eat mangoes by massaging the flesh without breaking the skin. This creates a really nice puree, and then you break a small hole on the top, and enjoy the mango like a super dooper. IT IS FUN!

1. Mandarin

A mandarin is pretty much the perfect size and weight to the perfect juggling ball. I may not be able to juggle them but simply just handling them like a ball is pretty fun. When I get my hands on one, I end up just fiddling with them, spinning it like a cricket ball and passing it from hand to hand. And then every now and then you feel adventurous and peel the skin in one piece. IT IS FUN!

Enjoying food is not just about the taste but about the experience, and these three fruits excel in the fun factor. Thanks for reading, I really enjoyed making this mini listicle, so you might see a few more around the corner.