Confirmed 2020 was not good for movies

Here are spoiler free reviews of 2020 movies. Needless to say 2019 was a much better year, but there was one movie that I did give a 9/10.

Wonder Woman 1984 1/10
When you have other great superhero movies to compare this to, this pales in comparison. The first movie was waaaaaay better too, like at least a 7 or 8. Extra point deductions for it being an unnecessary sequel that also took 2 and a half hours.
Artemis Fowl 2/10
It just seems that hollywood does not know how to treat my favourite books from my childhood. Eragon (2006) was a fail and 15 years later so was Artemis Fowl (2020). I think some things are best left as books.
Tenet 3/10
Another movie that outstayed its welcome. I can see that Nolan was trying to blow our minds and create a movie that was much talked about like Inception. But when a movie relies too much on talk over action, it double sinned by having such poor audio control that more people talked about than the movie’s actual plot.
Sonic the Hedgehog 5/10
This movie got memed so hard on its terrible trailer that the special effects department went back to the drawing board to actually give it the work this nostalgia icon deserved. This probably saved the movie and got it a passing grade.
Enola Holmes 6/10
A funny and fun movie. I am a fan of every other Sherlock Holmes movie and tv show, so would be quite unfair to do direct comparisons against those. But on its own two feet it is a great movie to watch especially if you are a teenage girl.
The Old Guard 6/10
These direct to Netflix movies are actually alright. Trying to ground the concept of a superpower in the real world was a good ‘what if scenario’ that the movie explored quite well. Though the movie was very serious and tense throughout, so it didn’t get me jumping out my seat like a Marvel Movie would.
Soul 7/10
For Pixar’s movie of the year, it was okay. Movies like Coco and Inside Out, actually made me go through the whole emotional spectrum, which Soul missed out on. But Pixar does not miss out on looking visually appealing and musically attuned friends of mine loved the soundtrack too.
Project Power 8/10
Don’t do drugs even if they give you superpowers. This movie was goooooood. Not sure why the rest of the world did not love the movie, maybe ’cause there is fatigue happening in the genre. But yeah I would openly recommend people to watch this one.
The Way Back 8/10
Sport movies are great even though they are as predictable as a superhero movie. So the focus becomes less about the destination and more about the journey. And I really appreciated how the journey of these characters was very much grounded in the real world. It was so realistic that I was surprised that the movie was not based on true events.
Extraction 9/10
And the Winner is Extraction!! I probably did give it a few bonus points as I am both a fan of Chris Hemsworth, and it was refreshing to see a kidnap movie based on Bangladesh and not on the US or Mexico. The One-Shot Action Sequence filmed by the director himself is probably the reason why this has become my favourite movie of 2020.