3 Watchworthy Movies – Blog I

As movie releases and movie productions have slowed down due to the pandemic but demand to watch movies has gone right up, I am find myself scraping the bottom of the barrel and watching movies with a Tomatometer of 9%. However let me reminisce and tell you of 3 great movies I have watched in the last 6 months.

3. Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

From memory The Rise of Skywalker got a bit of lashing from the critics that are my friends. It had a couple of Deus Ex Machina moments and I can totally understand how such plot devices can leave a sour note to a story. So with my expectations reduced I actually ended up thoroughly enjoying the movie. This is because for me it fulfilled what I wanted from a star wars film, cool powers, cool weapons and ‘say what!’ moments. Also being the final movie in a trilogy of trilogies, it was able to ride on all the investment the franchise has made since 1977 to provide a watchworthy experience.

2. The Lion King

Disney is remaking a ton of their classic movies as Live Action/CGI remakes. Having watched Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, and Christopher Robin, all of which delivered a watchworthy experiences, I was ready for The Lion King to do the same. And you know what, 25 years after the original, this remake may not have all the cartoony fun of the original, but it definitely delivers a better story and character development. What I mean by better character development is that each character doesn’t simply do something, but does something because of somereason. Also the side characters are more than just 2D plot devices and are characters that stand on their own two (or four) feet.

1. The Lunchbox

SBS on Demand had The Lunchbox on it’s rotation when I watched it. AND IT IS AMAZING!!! It deserves every foreign film award it has won and truly should be a must watch for anyone who loves ‘films’ the world over. This isn’t a movie about universe spanning epic sagas or full of the magic that CGI brings us. It is a simple slice of life love story that has better world building than any movie I have watched in the last 12 months, and maybe in the last 12 years. Emotions of how beautiful this movie is, are flooding me right now. This movie is not just simply watchworthy, it is so damn good I am going to make a new award and give it the first “11/10 awais.com.au Seal of Approval”.

Thanks for reading, hope you get a chance to watch these movies, and hey please recommend me some more watchworthy movies too!