3 More Added To The Canberra Yum Rotation

3 More Added To The Canberra Yum Rotation

It’s been a busy 6 months since I wrote my last blog post and I always find that it is something that I reallly realllly want to share that gets me to write again.

And there is nothing more share worthy than food!!

So here is a list of 3 food joints that I have discovered for the first time in 2020 and something I will be coming back to over and over again now that I know of them. I should probably write a list of my other regular joints sometime soon too.

Al Manoosh Lebanese Bakery and More

A relatively new gem to the Canberra scene. A friend of mine shared a meal with me a couple days ago, and I went back again today. Sign of a worthy inclusion. Manoosh is like a healthy cousin of a pizza, so light and refreshing, I will question the need to go to another pizza joint, ever again.

Two Sisters Lao Thai Cuisine

Thai is definitely one of my favourite things to eat out. It’s a shame that I hadn’t discovered this gem sooner. Probably because it is tucked away upstairs in a corner of Dickson, a bit further away from all the other great places to eat in. I also only discovered Larb recently, and this restaurant also does a great tofu version of the dish!

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Another gem that is hiding away from street level. I will probably have to make a dedicated blog to all the Indian Restaurants I like to frequent as there are quite a few. So, it was amazing that I was able to add yet another one to the rotation. I find that with each Indian restaurant I go to there is a dish or two that the others do not offer. And Taj Mahal is the first meatball curry I have found in Canberra.